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Published Apr 14, 2022

Why Are Couples Smoking Weed Together for Happy Relationship Wednesday 4/20/22 8am EST Launches World’s Largest Wake and Bake this 4/20

Participating users get free access for an entire day if they wake and bake before smoking and poking

NEW YORK – 4/20 is a global holiday celebrated by millions around the world. A day where stoners can honor their favorite plant by smoking, vaping, and eating it all day long. The benefits of cannabis in the morning are substantial, it makes you more creative, thoughtful, gives you a free spurt of energy, and even adds some feelings of arousal – all while making you relaxed and preparing your mind for the day ahead.
To connect weed smokers around the globe, is organizing the world’s largest wake and bake this holiday season. Spark up at 8 a.m. EST sharp, live stream your session to the community and log onto to vibe with weed enthusiasts from around the world. According to a recent poll, 55 million Americans use marijuana (22% of the United States population). That number only increased during the pandemic when marijuana use skyrocketed. Furthermore, recent studies have proven that marijuana can increase sexual libido, increase intimacy and act as an aphrodisiac.
“ is all about connecting marijuana enthusiasts around the world, so it’s only fitting that we launched the world’s largest wake and bake on 4/20,” said Jim Traine, Vice President of SmokeandPoke. “Users will have the chance to celebrate the holiday with the largest collection of weed smokers on a dating app in history. If you participate, we’ll give you free SmokeandPoke access for the entire day. We want everyone’s morning blunt to lead to something greater – friendships, romance and so much more!”
To make the day even more exciting, will offer 420 free lifetime memberships to the first 420 people to sign up on 4/20 by 4:20 p.m. PST. will also be rolling a 420 inch joint! That is 35 feet if you are wondering! Happy 4/20!

About allows people to sign up for a free account and conduct an advanced search for weed lovers in their area. They can filter between sexual preference, gender, age, and location. They can also toggle between users who are either currently online, feature verified photos on their profile, able to chat via SMS/are text verified, video chatting, and/or live streaming. Users connect with others by scrolling their profile and “liking” them to express interest. They can also send a message, quick chat with them and favorite them. Once a connection has been made, they are able to get to know each other better via video chat (if they so choose) and form a more meaningful connection.
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