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Published Mar. 4, 2022

Here Are 4 Best Marijuana Strains for Sex: Enjoy Your Best Orgasm

Marijuana lovers have been wondering about the various effects of weed for a long time. The studies are going on, and while there is no doubt that smoking weed greatly benefits a lot of aspects of our lives, it’s a bit complicated with using it for your bedroom play. How do you choose the best marijuana for sex? Can there be just one best strain of cannabis for sex when even male and female arousal works differently?
There is no one clear answer that would be acceptable for everybody. The thing is, cannabis works differently with different people, and that’s the main reason why studies still don’t have convincing numbers. Nevertheless, there are a lot of consumers who claim weed does help them have better sexual life, enhancing the senses and helping to relax. They even name some strains that work better than others. So, if you would like to have better sex and enjoy stunning orgasms, read further, and we will give you some tips.

Things to Consider to Choose the Right Strain of Weed

There are many strains of weed, and it can be overwhelming when you are new to the subject. Especially if you’re thinking about trying the best marijuana strain for sex. So, let’s see what strains are there.
Most users agree on dividing weed into three main categories, namely, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Some experts have doubts, but in the commercial sector, you are left with this classification. Each of these three divides into several strains that presumably differ in effect. You don’t need to know all of them; just remember the properties of the main three types:
  • Indica. This type is known for its relaxing effect and solving sleeping issues.
  • Sativa helps you feel energized, reduces stress, and frees your creativity.
  • Hybrid is a combination of the above mentioned effects.
So, how do you choose the best weed for sex?
First of all, if you already have a winner, maybe it’s wise to stick to it. After all, why change what’s perfect. However, if your general experience with weed has been great and you’re a curious gourmet, you might be interested in exploring more options. So, let’s see what science says about the best marijuana strains for sex.
Well, so far, the studies can only claim to prove marijuana does affect sexual drive. It even improves the achieving of orgasm for women. That’s the good news, but the studies don’t include the data on strains used in every case. With strains, we rely on experts, and now you can become one.
The choosing of the best weed strain for sex depends on what’s bothering you the most when you have intercourse. Is it pain or anxiety that is impossible to live behind? Do you feel like your senses are blocked, or it’s hard to stop your brain from babbling? Like sex toys, various strains have various effects, so you can pick one or another to help you with the particular issue.

How to Choose the Best Weed Strain for Sex: The Guide

As we said earlier, your preferable strain depends on what you want to boost or reduce. Let’s see which does what.

Sour Diesel for Increased Sex Drive

It’s a Sativa strain that helps you jump in the mood really fast. It lifts your energy and brings you a better focus on what you do in the present moment. Surprisingly, you will feel more relaxed simultaneously, as it brushes off the anxiety, letting you enjoy it with no worries. For those, who experience problems with getting horny, Sour Diesel may be the best cannabis strain for sex. The additional benefit is that it gives you the charge for doing it all night long. If you need the best weed strain for sex drive, also consider these strains: Northern Lights, Green Crack.

Bubba Kush for anxiety reducing

This Indica strain will those who are prone to anxiety and stress. Bubba Kush will mildly and deeply relax your body and bring euphoria to swim in the waves of sexual pleasure. This can be a great solution to really enjoy the process, every little bit of it.
If you appreciate the smooth high and deep relaxation, try also: Skywalker OG Kush, Blueberry Lamsbread.

Girl Scout. Best for solo play

This weed, balanced in effects, sets your body and mind just right for some steamy solo performance. Both the euphoria and anxiety reduction are provided by this strain, so it’s perfect to really feel your body in a stress-free mode. Even more, your creativity goes high as well, so it’s a good time to learn something new about your arousal and perception to later try on with your partner.
More of this effect: LA Confidential, Amnesia Haze, Jillybean

Bubblegum Kush for increased sensitivity

If you’re looking for the best marijuana strain for great sex, try Bubblegum Kush. This strain will work well for those who appreciate the sensual aspect the most. You won’t get high immediately, as this is an 80% Indica strain, but it will slowly crawl into your system, suddenly making everything intense. The tactile sensations will sharpen, and the process will become self-sufficient. You will also lift the connection between you and your partner to the next level.
If you are excited about the effects, give a chance to these as well: Grateful Breath, Trainwreck.

Zkittelz for pain reducing

Some of the best medical marijuana strains for sex bring you pain relief, and this effect can be used for better sex as well. If you have worries about pain hindering your sexual pleasure, try strains that have proven pain relief effects. Indica sorts would be the preferable option here.
To ease the pain, also try G13, Cannatonic, Harlequin.

Tips You Need to Know Before You Consume Cannabis Strain

There are some things you need to take into account while choosing the right strain for you. Especially if it is expected to provide you with better sex. You don’t want to spoil the mood or suffer unexpected side effects, so here is our checklist for choosing the best cannabis strains for sex.

Talk to your partner

This seems like general advice; nevertheless, it is important. The simple ‘Yes’ is not enough here, as your partner might have preferences about strains or bad experiences with the particular type of consumption. If you want cannabis strains for sex to work for both of you, take your time and discuss the matter.

You need to be ok with the scent

Nothing should distract us from the process or spoil the mood. The weed you select for your bedroom activities must have a pleasant odor to only add to the atmosphere, not break it. Luckily, what makes aromatic and flavorful components of the strain is terpenes, which are also responsible for the effects. So, if you already have some preferences in how it should work, your nose might serve you just well in picking the right one.

Consider other options. Quick thought: edibles

If you are not a fan of the smoking process, there is an option for you. Various edibles could also work, though slightly different. What you need to take care of in the first place is to make sure you’re aware of the active substance concentration in that cookie or brownie. If you opt for edibles, start with a small intake to not turn the night of your dream into a nightmare.


This is extremely important, especially if you are new to the whole thing. Experimenting is only exciting when it doesn’t involve troublesome consequences for your physical and mental wellbeing. If you don’t know your limits yet, please be careful with the dosing and have someone to look after you if anything goes wrong.

Contemplate the experience

To choose the best weed for your next bedroom escapade, note the experience. You may want to make some corrections to what you choose according to what you’ve already experienced. If you’re a dedicated explorer, the proper reflection on what you’ve tasted will lead your journey in the right direction.

Keep your mind open

The main thing to remember when choosing weed for sex is that its effects work differently not only with different people but with the same person in various circumstances as well. That’s why the studies are controversial, and your best friend’s recommendation can be a waste of time and money for you. What worked well a month ago might not be enough or overwhelming today; that’s why it’s important to mind the doses and be ready for an unexpected outcome. So, observe, learn, and enjoy; after all, the journey is exciting and unpredictable, bringing even more joy thanks to this.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana consumption proved to be one of the safest modes to have fun and relax. What’s even more exciting, there are lots of strains that give you various effects, making it hard to resist trying new ones. You can opt for the best strain of weed for sex or use a certain type to help you with stress relief or creativity. It seems like weed has the solution for many problems, and if you choose it right, it really makes your life better. What’s great about it is that weed has a much lower level of addiction than alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, bringing health benefits at the same time. In the end, it is a safe way of natural relaxation and easing your brain. With a little study from sources and your own experience, not only your sex life can benefit hugely, but your mental and physical health as well.
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