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Published Jan. 18, 2022

CBD and Libido: How Does CBD Increase Libido

There is a lot of speculation about the effect marijuana has on various aspects of human lives. Does marijuana increase libido, or is it harmful to your sexual activity? The numerous studies are quite controversial, but we’ll try to bring you all the facts in the article, so keep on reading to find out.

What Is CBD and How Does CBD Work

The first question that needs an answer here is what CBD is and how it works. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient found in cannabis. This essence doesn’t produce any hallucinogenic effects as it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol which is blamed by many for being addictive. Pure CBD is widely used now to help patients who suffer from seizures, chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Let’s see how exactly CBD can improve your health.


  • Mental health disorders relief. CBD proved efficient to patients suffering from PTSD and anxiety-related disorders. Some report about the positive effect of CBD for depression treatment, though thorough studies on the issue have not been made so far.
  • Sleep disorders and insomnia. CBD proved to be helpful for people experiencing problems with sleep. CDB consumption improves your ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep better.
  • CBD benefits the cardiovascular system by improving blood flow to tissues.
  • Chronic pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD also increases dopamine levels temporarily but is not addictive. It doesn’t suppress your brain’s ability to produce it. Those are just some of the problems CBD may help you with. Studies are still underway as marijuana and derivatives are illegal in certain countries, making it harder to conduct proper research. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization considers it safe to use, and no health problems are known related to the consumption of pure CBD. Though you won’t get high from it, CBD consumption might help with numerous issues, including libido problems. Does CBD help sexually active people get more fun or just last longer in bed? Let’s find out.


Can you combine CBD and sex? What would be the effect? There are some myths and mistaken statements regarding the subject. The first question that comes to mind is: does CBD increase libido in men and women in the same way? Well, the positive effect of it is obvious, though the ways it works for men and women are not exactly the same. Let’s start with the benefits CBD consumption has for males and females.

Benefits of CBD for Women

Men and women have different sexual arousal mechanics, and while CBD does not have a stimulating effect in teams of arousal, it’s hard to deny certain benefits of CBD for female libido. As it has a light calming effect and the ability to reduce anxiety, it can help women obtain the right mood for sex and feel safe and relaxed. But not just that. It is proven to have a positive effect on balancing hormones. CBD decreases cortisol levels, improving the overall hormonal system. Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, when high, influences the production of other hormones; thus, keeping it low helps improve general health, which is highly dependent on balanced body work.


Recently, CBD got widely used in cosmetology due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It improves skin health, addresses acne and pigmentation problems, and makes skin look better. Thanks to this particular effect, it is also used in lubricants to make sex more pleasant for women that might suffer from low moisture.


In general, the benefits of CBD for women’s libido are indirect but undoubtful. It may help you feel relaxed and stress-free, and fully involved in the process of lovemaking. It’s easier to unleash your senses when your brain has finally stopped mumbling about unsolved problems and to-do lists. CBD helps put all the worries aside for a while and just enjoy your sexual activity right here and now. With the temporarily increased dopamine level, sex brings more joy and satisfaction.  


Does weed affect libido when talking about women? Some research shows that low doses do a good job for females, making the sensation brighter and bringing better orgasms.

Benefits of CBD for Men

Talking about marijuana and libido, it is important to remember that pure CBD consumption is not the same as smoking weed for getting high purposes.  While the former can improve your health in general and provide a long-term positive effect on your body, a joint can slightly suppress your ability to sense touches and make you less susceptible. While you’re not experiencing any troubles with libido, those effects may seem welcome as they may help you last longer. But can weed increase libido? The studies on the subject are few for now, but some claim that people who smoke weed regularly have a more active sexual life. Though, the correlation might be wise versa, meaning people with strong libido tend to enjoy life in all possible ways.


Can CBD increase libido then? The answer is it looks like it can. Contributing to the overall men’s health, it can surely increase the desire to have sex more often. Reducing stress levels and anxiety, improving sleep quality and mental state, CBD makes you healthier and balanced. Your body may respond with a better libido for such a treatment.


If you’re wondering, does smoking decrease libido and is it possible to combine good sex and being high, remember that the dose is the key to success. If you want to experience sexual pleasure while high, consume less. The bigger the dose, the more are the chances your sexual desire will lower.

Can CBD Help You Last Longer in Bed?

The question has a complex answer. While it does not instantly make you a sex god who is able to do it all night long, CBD will certainly improve the time you last. One of the effects of CBD is improved blood flow, relaxing your blood vessels. Proper blood flow surely helps function better, i.e., last longer. And don’t forget about the general mood improving effect that is quite helpful when it comes to lovemaking. In the long run, the positive influence of regular CBD consumption will make you more resilient physically, which is also beneficial for your sexual life.  


For women, it’s rarely a problem to last long; it’s mostly the opposite. And CBD can help with it as well. Increasing your dopamine levels, it makes you feel more intensively, enjoy to the fullest, and even have a better orgasm. It’s the same with weed smoking for women; studies show, females respond better to it in terms of sexual pleasure.


Can you use CBD for arousal in particular? Unfortunately, it does not work like that. CBD does not have any aphrodisiac effect; all the benefits are available mostly in the long run. The good news is you can even beat erectile dysfunction with it, though keep in mind that CBD will help only in case your problem is caused by unhinged mental health. As we’ve mentioned earlier, all the health issues related to stress and anxiety may be addressed with CBD products.

How to Use CBD in Your Sex Life

Direct consumption is not the only way of using CBD for sex. As we’ve already mentioned, it has wide use in various products, and one of them is a lubricant. CBD in it improves the sensation, decreasing pain and discomfort, while the lube itself provides proper moisturizing. CBD and sex drive are connected in that case, as the former makes sex more comfortable and pleasant.


You can also use the massage oil with CBD during the foreplay; it can help your muscles relax and decrease the overall tension. For that matter, you can also take a bath together with a CDB bath bomb. Proper relaxation and prolonged foreplay will improve your sexual performance significantly.


CBD is also available in a variety of edibles you can consume before sex to enhance your pleasure. You may choose between CBD oil, gummies, pills, and even chocolate. Those products are legal in many countries as pure CBD is considered safe and not addictive.


Just remember, while you’re experimenting with cannabis and sex, that CBD for men and women works differently, though the differences are not that crucial. Another important thing to keep in mind is there’s such a thing as individual intolerance. So, before you plan a special night together, ensure you both are fine consuming CBD.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered how smoking weed may affect your sexual life, we can assure you there’s a vast field for research. The studies are rather controversial in many aspects, and the number of them is not sufficient so far. But while many argue about weed smoking, CBD is widely used in medicine to help people with mental and neurological issues, those who suffer from pain and stress or insomnia. Even more, it is considered safe to use, and you can’t develop an addiction to using it. CBD can significantly improve your health in general, helping you calm down, reduce cortisol levels, increase dopamine producing, relax your muscles, and improve your mood. Sure, it can also make your sexual life better – the healthier we are, the better libido we have.


CBD benefits sexual life for women, helping their bodies maintain proper hormonal balance, reduce the effects of constant stress, and so on. For men, improved blood flow makes them more resilient in bed, allowing them to last longer and get more pleasure. While CBD may have various effects on various people, it seems like researching this area could be quite pleasant and worth trying. The popularity of CDB products for sex gives you a hint that the idea itself is very popular, and lots of enthusiasts are busy with it right now. If you feel ready to give it a try, don’t waste your time. Join the Smoke and Poke dating site, find like-minded people, and conduct your own research on a subject!

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