The widespread popularization and the legalization of marijuana(cannabis) have been followed by numerous so-called wellness and health advantages. Internet ads, for example, declare that marijuana derivatives increase arousal, libido, and orgasm. In real life, new studies are being published every day confirming the positive effects marijuana has on sexual arousal and sex.


Endocannabinoids do take the lead in the sexual process, yet, the cannabinoid receptor is connected to several brain zones implicated in the sex on weed, as reported by a cross-sectional analysis posted in the Sexual Medicine journal. Both endocannabinoids and cannabinoids cooperate with neurotransmitters and hormones that moderate sexual mood.

Let’s catch a glimpse at what proof exists on the connection between weed and sex drive. Amazingly, the drug may have distinct sexual effects in men’s sexual life compared to women’s. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Cannabis and Sex: Is It Better?

Researchers are starting to explore the connection between smoking weed and having sex, providing some impressive results. In one contemporary study, for instance, researchers noticed that women and men who practiced smoking cannabis every day got about 20% more sexual interactions during the last four weeks than their peers who stayed away from the drug.


However, this investigation didn’t demonstrate effect and cause, it introduces an intriguing question: Does weed make sex better? It’s nonetheless undefined exactly how marijuana and sex drive are connected, but theories are offered by some therapists.


Individuals who use cannabis can have more sexual encounters as they put less tension on their bodies and mind when they are high, so they don’t have the identical process fear as people who are sober. A little amount of marijuana for sex can also assist to boost your capacity to tell your desires to your partner.


The sex therapist Lawrence Siegel mentioned that the cannabinoid THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, to be exact, above all seems to touch a piece of our brain responsible for sexual arousal, especially in females.


Due to our body’s natural endocannabinoid system, we can regulate things like relaxation, pain, pleasure, and homeostasis. When we activate this system by means of the cannabinoids in marijuana, it can make people feel comfortable with raised pleasure and reduced pain. Smoking weed before sex can lead to improved sexual life and make sex even more pleasurable. For other people, the motivation is the boosted pleasant feelings that can appear with marijuana. This prolonged effect can make sex feel even more enjoyable. Here is the result of the study, that shows the difference in sex process after using cannabis in men and female groups:

How ever some people feel increased anxiety when smoking weed before sex, others find that it makes a contrasting result. Every person has a distinctive layout both physically and psychologically, and for marijuana to help boost your sex life, you should find the method that works for you.

Is It Recommended to Use Marijuana for Sex?

Usually, people who smoke cannabis say that everything smells, tastes, and feels that much better when you’re high. It does not happen all the time, though. When it comes to joining sex and cannabis, although some people declare that it’s the best intercourse they’ve ever tried. While other people consider it to be the strangest one.


Here’s what we found about cannabis and sex pros and cons. So, pros:

Increased Desire

A 1984 study mentioned by Psychology Daily declared users to get an increased libido after smoking cannabis for sex drive. Though, this study may seem old, people still say to have boosted sexual arousal when combine sex and marijuana.

Increased Sensitivity

When we speak about marijuana effects on sex, the idea of increased senses is one of the most often mentioned. People often say that sex feels much better when they’re high. Some studies show that people feel more emotional, relaxed, and euphoric. All these things are great to have in the bedroom. If you had thoughts about having sex on a massage procedure, you will like it more when you are totally relaxed. If you’re nervous, the chance of the sex feeling great is close to zero.

Time Slows Down

People who used marijuana claimed that their feeling of time was extended. This is great news for both sides involved in the sex process! Is weed good for sex? Yes, if the sex is long enough. If sexual intercourse doesn’t endure as long as you’d like, it’ll likely offer the feeling to be minutes longer.

Intense Orgasms

Does smoking affect sex orgasms? Being stoned can offer the most intense orgasms no matter what side you take, or whether you interact solo.


What about cons:


The American Academy of Neurology made a study examining the effects of marijuana depending on the dosage. Unsurprisingly, the more people smoked before and in the process, the worse were the effects. In consideration of sex, this shows that if you smoke too much weed and sex is not great, it will not help but make it even worse.

Low Sperm Count

If you make plans to get pregnant, cannabis will not help, though do not consider it’s a good method of birth control. Instead, smoking weed and sex for pregnancy will have low chances due to its influence on sperm production.

Vaginal Dryness

It was proved that smoking cannabis and having sex can lead to vaginal dryness. This happens due to the drying of mucous membranes, so it looks like a cottonmouth, besides it happens down there. Some cannabis products made for enhancing your sex energy include CBD but not THC. We speak about lubricants,  topical creams, and ointments that increase CBD’s obvious anti-inflammatory effects.

High-risk Behaviour

When you are too aroused after smoking weed before sex, you can make high-risk actions and being careless. If you cannot control your behaviour, and think about protection,  try to avoid sex.


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Marijuana and Sex for Women

Scientists learned the possible levels of satisfaction in women in concern with lubrication, dyspareunia, drive, orgasm, and overall sexual background, as well as the frequency of smoking weed and sex issues on satisfaction. 


Does weed increase sex drive for women? In general, 37% of 473 participants interviewed said using marijuana for sex, with the most obvious boost of sex drive, enhanced orgasm, and lowered painful effects. No difference in lubrication, yet, was declared as well. People smoking weed before sex had a 2.17 higher chance of mentioning a great orgasm compared with the rest. 


In other studies, those who practiced sex and marijuana often had a 2.12 times higher percent of noting good orgasms compared with irregular users. These results were noted regardless of whether cannabis was smoked before sex.


Does marijuana enhance sex for everyone? The scientists noticed that the effects of marijuana on sex in women groups are affected by numerous things. For example, cannabis and the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which influences sex hormones. Similarly, the hypothalamus has cannabinoid receptors that control oxytocin release and gonadotropin-releasing hormone, both of which help to have a normal sexual life.

Marijuana and Sex for Men

Men differ from women, both physically and mentally. Especially, cannabis for sex may induce erectile dysfunction in men’s bodies. Of letter, erectile dysfunction is the most popular male sexual problem.

In a detailed review made by the American Journal of Men’s Health, which traversed five case-control investigations working with 3,394 healthy men (1,034 marijuana takers), the prevailing majority of erectile dysfunction was 68.1% vs 34.6% in the control group. Again, the chances ratio of erectile dysfunction in cannabis users was about four times that of control. The connection between smoking cannabis and erectile dysfunction is likely a combination of psychological and organic factors, in accordance with the journal authors. So, marijuana effects on sex for men are not that positive.

Tips You Need to Know Before You Mix Cannabis and Sex

Many people who have tried smoking cannabis before sex claim that it’s nature’s best aphrodisiac. Most people frankly depict the experience they got between the sheets after smoking or taking cannabis as nothing kind of special. Scientists have also made lots of tests on the ability of weed to increase libido and help with problems like low sex drive in women and erectile dysfunction in men.


Here are four tips and pointers to help you use marijuana to boost your experience between the sheets. 

Choose Your Ideal for Sex Cannabis

Various strains of cannabis have diverse effects on sexual life and libido. People who love experimenting with weed and sex declare that fourteen distinctive strains have great libido-boosting capacities.  

However, all these strains carry one thing in common, a lot of the plants known as terpene Limonene. Limonene also has types, L-Limonene and D-Limonene are some of the most popular types found in marijuana for sex.

Use Lubricants

One of the most typical side-effects of smoking weed before sex is getting cottonmouth. In medical terms, this state is called Xerostomia. When mouth dryness can be cured by consuming a glass of water, the exact absence of lubrication impacts other body parts such as the vagina. Use South sex H20 to make you hydrated inside down there.

Focus on Your Partner

Marijuana carries minute feelings and produces full-blown passions and euphoria. When directed correctly, these senses can help you and your partner reach the type of satisfaction you both desire. 


Though, if you are cannot communicate and direct this rented energy the right way, you might stop getting the most disappointing sex on weed. To avoid this follow the following steps:


  • Permanently concentrate on the moment, and satisfying your partner;
  • Motivate your partner when they are making some actions you are fond of;
  • Step slow, and request for a stop when you feel tired; 
  • Let your partner be the leader.

Be Moderate

When you obtain the exact amount of weed and sex drive, your feelings are exaggerated just to the point to make sex explosively enjoyable. On the other hand, when you are too aroused, you may kick back a lot in the proces of the sexual intercourse, which lowers the quality of the adventure.  A few signs that you are too high show:


  • You want to eat all the time;
  • You cannot focus on satisfying your partner;
  • Lack of motor control.


Marijuana’s effects on sex are special to every person. When some people assure that having sex encounter under the impact is not for them, many others report that a pre-sex process can do wonders for libido. In reality it makes magic come to the bedroom—the level of feelings turn to be absolutely mind-blowing. If you are looking for people who support your smoking weed bedroom intentions, register at the Smoke and Poke dating site to find the suitable couple.