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Published Agu 03, 2022

Why Do Girls Who Smoke Weed Frequently Have Better Sex?



The use of marijuana is said to help individuals have better sex. But does weed and sex have a more significant effect on one sex over the other? Researchers and female marijuana users say yes!


With the recent legalization of marijuana in a handful of states (and many more considering doing the same), public opinion of the plant has changed. Gone are the days when people demonized weed and associated it with degenerates. Today, marijuana is praised for its benefits and versatility in health and overall well-being.


Along with its positive effects in treating an assortment of ailments and disorders, marijuana is known as a natural aphrodisiac and a great way to improve the quality of sexual experiences. But research has shown that marijuana shows more significant effects on sexual function and pleasure in women than in men.

Girls and Marijuana – A Perfect Issue for Research

Does weed make girls horny? This is the question posed by many researchers who wanted to know the correlation between marijuana and a woman’s sex drive. Significant studies have been conducted over the past decade, with most concluding that marijuana positively affects female libido.


A 2021 research study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the use of cannabis is linked to more frequent sex, with female marijuana users having an average of 20% more sex than non-users. Becky Lynn, a gynecologist in St. Louis, Missouri, who specializes in sexual medicine, reported that some of her patients claimed that using marijuana before sex helped them orgasm more frequently.  With a piqued curiosity about the topic after such claims, Dr. Lynn decided to conduct her own research to know more about women’s sex lives and cannabis. She anonymously surveyed 400 women, with 127 women reporting that smoking before gave them more powerful orgasms and an overall better sex drive. Other participants shared that it was their belief that weed can increase libido and one’s ability to climax.


In 2016, a research team led by NYU public health expert Joseph J. Palamar interviewed 24 New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 35 who had engaged in sex being high and not high. According to the research, sex was stated as “any sexual interaction (including some type of genital intercourse) with another person that can cause an orgasm in either participant.” Research assistants conducted in-depth interviews with many questions, and many female respondents discussed how marijuana improved sensitivity and spaced-out thinking. 


Researchers believe that the positive effects of weed on the female’s sexual experience are mainly attributed to the plants calming effects on both mind and body. Weed is able to take the edge off of physical discomfort and clear the mind of cluttered thoughts and anxieties. This relaxation state helps women be more alert and aware of the sensations felt during sex.

Is it Just About Sex?

The use of marijuana gives benefits to women that go beyond better sex and orgasms. Marijuana is used as a treatment for a variety of female-specific ailments. Weed possesses anti-nausea, mood-stabilizing, and pain-relieving qualities that can aid with the monthly struggle of PMS. Marijuana is also known to help menopausal women and their long list of unsavory symptoms, such as hot flashes, a decline in libido, discomfort during sex, mood fluctuations, and sleeplessness.

Marijuana also treats anxiety, a disorder that affects the female population more significantly than males.

Delivery and Dose Matter

Before combining weed and sex for yourself, be mindful of the dosage. Too high a dosage can result in the opposite effects of what you seek, like paranoia/anxiety, and drowsiness. Everyone’s experience with certain types of marijuana is different, so It’s advised to try a variety of strains and delivery methods before settling on any particular one.


Sexologist Nick Karras, author of “The Passionate High: A Guide to Using Cannabis For Better Sex and Creativity,” explains that every individual has a unique composition both psychologically and physiologically, and for cannabis to aid increase sexuality, you must discover the type that works for you.

Final Thoughts

Societal and cultural pressure likely add a heavier load of stress and anxiety to women than to men. Girls who smoke weed frequently have better sex because marijuana helps to take some of this pressure off of them and allows them moments to connect within themselves. Weed gives girls the relaxation that will enable them to be more present with their partners in bed, focusing on each other’s pleasure. If you are a woman looking to experience better sex, roll a joint to share with your partner before the next time you jump in bed. For any of you looking for the perfect partner to split a spliff with, check out the Smoke and Poke dating app to find your future lover!

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