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Published May 10, 2022

Why Are Couples Smoking Weed Together for Happy Relationship

Why Are Couples Smoking Weed Together for Happy Relationship?

Although variables affecting relationship duration differ, many stoner couples report that their third lover, marijuana, improves the quality and satisfaction of their relationship.
According to a recent research, marijuana’s curative properties extend beyond headache and other chronic pain treatments, suggesting that the substance is actually linked to better relationships. So, are stoners couple happier and do couples who share a joint remain together?

How Marijuana Helps Couples Have Happier Relationships

A couple smoking together has the potential to improve their relationship in a variety of ways. It does not only promote better sex, but it also promotes emotional connection, stimulates engaging talks, and other situations both inside and beyond the bedroom.
Couples often share a bottle of wine or a few bottles of beer during a romantic supper. Other couples, on the other hand, like to keep things natural and enjoy smokes and bongs rather than beers and shots. As rules alter and the chemical gets linked in more of the same scenarios as alcohol, cannabis’ appeal is fast growing. Alcohol, for example, is believed to boost social confidence and hence might be entertaining in a dating situation. However, alcohol is linked to an increase in some health problems and acts of aggression. Instead, what may cannabis contribute to a relationship? The plant seems to improve a variety of occasions, from the everyday to the amorous.
So, what does science say?
In a study published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, researchers from the University of Buffalo School of Public Health discovered that married couples who smoked pot together were considerably less likely to act aggressive towards each other.
During the first nine years of marriage, 634 couples were studied. Domestic violence (physical and verbal) was shown to be lower among married couples who smoked with each other, and the same was true if just one spouse got a little high.
Researchers point out that the physical effects of cannabis on the brain are likely not the sole impact, since couples who smoke together are likely to have similar values and hang out with similar sorts of individuals.
Surprisingly, the University of Buffalo said last year that binge drinking is helpful for marriages if the pair is enjoying shwastey together. Does this imply that getting wasted with your spouse will result in a strong marital bond? We’re all for it if science says so.

What happens when stoner couples get together? Can smoking weed be good together? We came up with a number of reasons why marijuana might be beneficial to a relationship

Cannabis Helps with Sex

The herb may help a couple’s sexual lives in a variety of ways. Cannabis is known to boost sensitivity and alertness, for example. An uplifting sativa strain might assist users in fully immersing themselves in the act of intercourse and strengthening their relationship with their partner.
Sex is the physical glue that holds a couple together, and cannabis may assist weed couples to make this experience even more meaningful and unique. Cannabis is said to be an aphrodisiac, enhancing orgasms while increasing sexual desire and arousal.

Cannabis may aid individuals who are having problems in the bedroom as well as make the experience more intense. Weed has been linked to a reduction in erectile dysfunction through increasing blood flow to the genitals. Read this page to find out more on this matter.

Common Interests

Interests and hobbies are one component in life that keeps individuals motivated and enthusiastic, and nothing beats having a shared love and enthusiasm for cannabis. Smoking pot is normally only a passing fancy, but it may quickly turn into a rabbit hole of investigation and fascination.
Although some people still equate marijuana with lounging around stoned, it thankfully goes far beyond than that. Cannabis involves a lot of science and technology, from making edibles and oils to developing new smoking devices and caring for a gorgeous plant.
Couple smoking weed may develop into a shared hobby that draws two individuals closer together.

Empathy Enhancement

When you smoke cannabis, you have a stronger feeling of empathy, allowing you to connect to and understand your partner on a deeper level than when you’re sober.
One of the most fundamental aspects of a successful relationship is empathy, and if you can’t respect your partner’s limits and needs, don’t expect the relationship to endure long. Maintaining a healthy relationship requires the capacity to regard your partner’s experience and needs as much as your own. Couples who smoke together are less likely to commit domestic violence against one another, according to a research, and respect for your partner’s mental and physical well-being is the foundation of a happy and healthy relationship.

In-Depth Discussions

Typically, unstable brain chemistry and passionate romance drive the first few months of a partnership. However, things normally begin to normalize and calm down after a period of time. This in no way degrades a relationship’s quality, but it might cause couples to get bored and spend more time on their phones than conversing face to face.
Cannabis is notorious for sparking great talks, and couple smoking weed together will put the phone down being engaged in fascinating discussions about anything from each other’s pasts to the origins of the cosmos.

Lights Up the Kitchen

Another way to connect is via food. Sitting down at the table to have a well-prepared meal on a regular basis helps to bridge the gap and stimulate conversation. Cooking for a lover is also a kind, loving, and dedicated gesture. Cannabis may enhance the culinary stoner relationship in two ways.
  • The first is that cannabis almost always causes severe munchies. When you smoke together, you’ll be in the kitchen together in no time, getting creative and cooking up a storm.
  • The second method is to utilize cannabis oils and butters to infuse cannabis into practically any cuisine. This means you and your partner may connect through making edibles and experience powerful highs from your own concoctions.

There Is Way Less Drama

Every relationship has difficulties, and they would be incomplete without them. Couples that adjust to adversity are often stronger and more trustworthy. Excessive jealousy, drama, and obsession, on the other hand, may occasionally put a relationship to an end.
Adding cannabis to the mix might help some individuals get a new perspective and bring things down to earth. Cannabis is well-known for calming and soothing individuals. If things start to become hot, a joint couple smoke together will make situation easier and they will talk about it afterwards.

You'll Have Fewer Fights

Smoking pot helps people forget about the little details, and it’s a lot simpler not to sweat the minor details that may lead to a conflict if sweated. The anti-anxiety effects of marijuana might help couples concentrate on what matters most: having fun together.

Traveling Is Much More Enjoyable

Traveling is enjoyable regardless of who you are with and is one of the most effective methods to broaden one’s mind and perspective on the world. Vacationing as a couple may strengthen your connection, but it can also put you to the test. Travel is stressful and may lead to heated fights between couples.
Traveling to weed-friendly locales can help to defuse tensions and provide much-needed relief. In addition, great sativa will certainly set a couple getting high in the mood for an adventure, such as waterfall seeking or mountain trekking.

Pampering Extends the Relaxation

In a relationship, pampering each other is a clear indication of affection. Using candles, taking a bath, and providing a massage are all effective methods to make your spouse feel calm and revitalized.
In this situation, using cannabis as a tool may dramatically improve the advantages of a warm bath or deep tissue massage. Massage oils and bath bombs infused with cannabis can assist to relax tense muscles and promote healthy skin.

It Could Be A Family Business

Cannabis may be utilized to start artisanal home enterprises in places where it has been legalized. Everything from pot edibles to oils and pre-rolled joints is in hot demand, and all of it can be prepared in the home kitchen by a couple smoking marijuana.
Some couples even cultivate weed together to supply their consumers with homegrown delight. Growing cannabis on your own is an interesting and gratifying experience; doing it with a partner takes it to the next level.

It Makes Keeping Fit Way More Enjoyable

It is often said that couples who exercise together remain together, and this is true. Being in terrific condition raises self-esteem to new heights, which may help with any relationship anxieties. Furthermore, the endorphins created during the act of lifting weights and participating in sports may cause you to be friendlier to one another.
While going to the gym with your spouse might be motivating, doing so while buzzed can help both partners concentrate and (safely) exceed their boundaries.

It Can Boost Creativity and Spontaneity

Routines are necessary for staying focused and motivated in life, but too much regularity and too little spontaneity may harm a relationship. Keeping the flame alive may be as simple as surprising your sweetheart with a vacation or a gift. Because cannabis is so good at stimulating innovative ideas, it might help a married couple smoking weed stay on their toes and come up with fresh ones.

Final Thoughts

One of the most essential things to learn from this is that, despite all of the advantages described above, you should not force your spouse to smoke with you if they do not want to. If your spouse doesn’t smoke, that’s OK; you have every right to smoke as much as you want. Before you become too invested in a relationship with someone who has significantly different beliefs than you, think about how these values (like hating cannabis or appreciating the Big Bang Theory) may affect your relationship. In addition, there is always a possibility to meet the partner with similar preference in a dating app “Smoke and Poke”.
Certainly, there are certain problems that no amount of herb can solve, but if you want to spice up your sex life or get some things off your chest, try reaching for your favorite strain.
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