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Published Mar 10, 2022

The Smoke and Poke Survey

The Smoke and Poke Survey

We surveyed members on and had 12,300 responses. According to our results, the overwhelming majority of people prefer to have sex when high, across genders. 84% of women and 72% of men prefer to smoke before poking. We are seeing many positive scientific studies specifically looking at marijuana’s effects as an aphrodisiac. This survey confirms these studies which have shown marijuana’s role in enhancing sexual desire. 

Do you prefer sex high or not?

Are you more likely to achieve orgasm while high?

Not only does it increase someone’s desire to have sex, but cannabis can also improve the end result, as well. 89% of men and 77% of women are more likely to achieve orgasm while high and that rate increases the younger someone is. In-line with a recent nih study. Gen Z (ages 18-25) is 73% more likely to orgasm while high, compared to 68% for Millenials (ages 26-45), 66% for Gen X (ages 46-57) and 65% for Boomers (ages 58-76). The younger someone is, the higher they get and that certainly will have an impact on sexual performance.

Likeliness to have multiple orgasms?

When it comes to lasting multiple rounds though, women feel the benefits of cannabis way more than men. A whopping 53% of women experienced multiple orgasms while high compared to only 12% of men. Women tend to have more orgasms per session in general, but cannabis is accelerating that trend.

Are you more likely to perform oral sex high?

A women’s sexual desire isn’t limited to intercourse, however, as they are more likely to perform oral sex when high. 71% of women say so, compared to just 59% of men. The aphrodisiac effects of marijuana are visible across most sex acts and that becomes even more true the younger you are. Men who burn with their female partners will definitely notice an enhanced sexual desire in each part of the bedroom.

Are you more likely to experiment with anal intercourse?

Marijuana will make men and women more sexually adventurous but we were suprised to see how it affected women with regards to anal sex. 41% of women are more likely to have anal sex while high and while that number isn’t as high as more traditional sex acts, it’s clear that cannabis will make even the most tame women open up.

How long does sex last high vs not high?

In conclusion

If you were expecting additional stamina along with your increased libido, it’s your lucky day. Most respondents claim marijuana increases the length of their sex sessions dramatically. While Boomers last the longest, the more adventurous younger cohort will also have an easier time lasting the whole night with their significant other. In conclusion, while it isn’t technically a sexual PED, cannabis will increase your libido, performance and make sexual activity more pleasurable. Whether someone is a spry college student or a 60-year old married couple, smoking before poking is guaranteed to enhance the experience!

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