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Published Agu 18, 2022

Is Weed an Aphrodisiac: All You Need to Know


Many people turn to cannabis to heighten their sexual pleasure. But what exactly is the link between marijuana and sexual pleasure? Is the idea that marijuana can improve ones sex- life a reality, or is this merely a myth?


The way cannabis is regarded has changed tremendously over the past couple of decades, especially in the United States. Long gone are the days when marijuana was looked at as a core element of hippie counterculture or a recreational drug for individuals who have chosen to travel down the wrong path of life. 


Now legal in several U.S. states and several countries across the globe, the public image of Marijuana has been changing. Marijuana is now broadly accepted as a recreational drug with less detriment to your health than drinking. Cannabis is also used more and more as a medicine to address various aches and ailments, disorders, and in some states and countries, used in the fight against cancer. 


But over the last few years alone, people have been hitting their local dispensaries in search of the magical herb that will help them achieve a colorful, pleasurable sex life. You see, marijuana enables you to reach a state of calm, both mentally and physically.  For most cannabis users, the plant, when smoked or ingested, aids in diminishing bouts of self-consciousness, anxiety, depression, and everyday stresses. Cannabis is also known to up-lift your mood and, in some strains, provide energy to those in need of a pick-me-up. All of these benefits make it easy to understand why ganja can play the role of a superhero in your bed. It lowers your inhibitions and gives space for you to accept yourself, your partner, and the moment and enjoy a heightened sense of self and relaxation. 

Scientific Point of View

Does weed make girls horny?

Does it affect male libido? Although doctors and scientists can not verify that this is true for all people, they are open in stating that it is true for many.

According to sex therapist Amanda Pasciucco, Connecticut, “Those who use marijuana may have more sex because they put less pressure on themselves while they are high, so they don’t have the same performance anxiety as those who are sober. A fair bit of marijuana may also improve your partner’s capacity to understand your preferences.”


In 2017 the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) published a study made up of a survey of male and female marijuana users across the United States titled The Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Based Study. According to the study, marijuana usage “does not appear to impair sexual function and is independently related with greater sexual frequency.” Everyday cannabis users reported having 20% more sex than non-users across all demographic categories.

How to Combine Sex and Weed Right

If you’re looking to improve your experience between the sheets, there are several ways to spice things up with cannabis.


Classic Smoke Session

Whether you are sharing a spliff, hitting a pipe, or bong, sharing a smoke sesh before migrating to bed will set you up for open, uninhibited sex in minutes.


If you’re looking for a slower-paced, more sensual approach with your partner, consider giving each other massages with cannabis-infused massage oil. The oil can deliver feel-good cannabinoids through contact with the skin.

CBD Bath

A relaxing bath with a CBD laced bath bomb will certainly set the mood and get you both into the right state of mind and body.

Dosage and Usage are Important

The goal is to get high, but be sure not to get too high. Cannabis is a biphasic substance, which means that depending on the dose, it can have opposite effects. So that’s to say, rather than providing individuals with a calming, care-free high, you can experience bouts of paranoia or become overwhelmingly drowsy.


Most professionals advise that you start with small amounts of marijuana by smoking or vaping, as it’s easiest to control. Although the body high received through edibles is highly sought after, many people tend to take too large of a dose when ingesting. If your heart is set on edibles, start with half of your chosen treat and split that with your partner. You can then consume more at a later time if you feel it is appropriate.

The Most Effective Aphrodisiac Strains of Weed

There is no way to know which strain of Mary Jane gives the most extensive aphrodisiac effects. Every strain of marijuana affects individuals differently. However, these strains of marijuana have been known to make users horny under their influence.

Green Crack

Despite it’s rather unsexy name, Green Crack is a sativa known for increasing energy sex stimulation  it provides all the effects a sexually active person would want. This is the finest option for you if you’re seeking the best Sativa marijuana strain for sex stimulation and retaining endurance in bed.

Sour Diesel

Terpenes are known to have an effect on sexual arousal and Sour Diesel is packed with them.

Bubble Cush

Bubble Crush is an 80% Indica strain with fun bubblegum flavors. This strain is aso known for a long and energizing high – perfect for a sexy night in! 

Joanne’s CBD

Joannes CBD id known for giving users a nice, calm high and a positive mindset. This is the perfect strain for a wake and bake and “breakfast” in bed.


If you don’t have much time to devote to your partner, but you still want an unforgettable experience, reach for some Trainwreck. This strain is known to hit strong and quick with a short-lasting high. Perfect for quickies!

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple will have you chillin’ in minutes. This is a popular strain for those who like to take it slow.

Final Thoughts

Scientific research has shown that marijuana does act as an aphrodisiac for most people. The calm, relaxation and sensitivity to touch you receive after smoking or ingesting ganja can help to make every sexual moment into an exceptional experience. Try a few strains to see which works best for you and your style and that your partner. And if you’re looking for a partner that loves toke and spend time in bed, check out the Smoke n’ Poke dating app to find your perfect match.

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