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Published Jule 7, 2022

How Does Weed Affect Testosterone

How Does Weed Affect Testosterone

With marijuana becoming legal in many states nationwide, there are more new research studies on the effects of marijuana on humans than ever before. Many scientists are interested in how marijuana affects our hormones and sex drives. More specifically, researchers are asking; Does weed affect Testosterone?

An Introduction to Men, Cannabis, And Testosterone Levels

Amongst the sexes, men are more likely to be regular cannabis users than women. We know that there are several health advantages to weed. Marijuana is currently being prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, depression, auto-immune diseases, and most notably, to aid in the fight against cancer. And in most recent years, marijuana has been prescribed by sexologists for those who are experiencing sexual blocks or a depressed libido. But many are still unsure of the effects pot has on testosterone.


The hormone testosterone is most strongly correlated to men and manliness. Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays an essential role in a male’s sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm. 


It has been said that frequent marijuana use can decrease a male’s testosterone production and even affect sperm count. Studies done on this subject in the 1970s showed that the sperm count of heavy smokers was an average of 30% less than those of non-smokers. Moreover, the average testosterone level of non-smokers in the study was 724 compared to 416 in smokers. This last result raised red flags in medical circles as testosterone levels below 600 begin to result in malfunctions in the body. Some of the adverse effects of low testosterone levels include hair loss, weight gain, and low sperm count.

Does Weed Affect Testosterone?

Some medical experts believe that weed negatively affects testosterone production in men. Research has found that testosterone levels can be decreased according to the frequency of marijuana use, more so than then by the amount of marijuana consumed. However, the information on weed’s effects on testosterone production is not significant enough to give a firm answer.


Despite the results of the adverse effects that marijuana has on testosterone, many men, women, and even medical professionals turn to marijuana to help liven up dull or struggling sex lives. May cannabis users claim that marijuana wakes up their libido and allows them to have consistently better and more frequent sex while under its influence.

Final Thoughts

Much more research on the connection between marijuana and testosterone must be done before medical experts can answer how weed affects testosterone.


The information available on this subject is conflicting. Some professionals recommend that marijuana users give up or curve their consumption of marijuana to retain a healthy balance of testosterone in their systems. However, other professionals believe that the effect of marijuana on testosterone is minimal and that the benefits of marijuana use outweigh the minor impact it may have on testosterone production.


If you are concerned about the effects weed may have on your testosterone levels but love combining the pleasures of weed and sex, consider smoking less frequently and save the tokes for playtime with your partner in bed. And if you’re searching for a partner to share those sacred puffs with, check out the Smoke and Poke dating app to find your perfect match.

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