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Published Jule 7, 2022

Does Weed Really Make Sex Better


Numerous health and wellness advantages have been linked to the use of marijuana. However, it was not until recent years that researchers have been looking into the effect marijuana has on our sex lives. Public opinion on the role weed plays in our sex drives varies, with some thinking it improves our sex lives and others believing that it diminishes them.


But the science is in – weed can make sex better:

Weed and sex, men and women

Studies have frequently relied on surveys amongst marijuana users where participants are questioned about their use of the herb and their sexual experiences. In studies over the past two decades conducted across the globe, over 50% of the participants have shared that sex does, in fact, aid them in experiencing better quality sex.


Although both men and women experience better quality sex when they add weed to the mix, research suggests that women reap the most benefits from its use. For example, recent studies have shown that women who use marijuana report that they experience a more powerful feeling of horniness and more intense orgasms when under its influence.


Of course, sexual experiences vary from person to person. The strain and potency of marijuana you use also have the ability to change someone’s experience with weed and sex.

Why is sex better high?

How does marijuana help to better sex, you may ask?


Sexologists agree that pleasurable sex comes when both are relaxed, and weed helps with that.


Marijuana has the ability to ease anxieties, physical ailments, and general stress from our day-to-day lives. This calming effect allows us to be more aware of our environments, desires and urges and to truly live in the moment. Good sex is only possible when both participants are fully relaxed in mind and body. Marijuana also gives users sensitivity to touch, heightening the physical sensations experienced during sex. This sensitivity to physical contact aids in creating what many users refer to as a euphoric experience.


Is it just about sex?

Marijuana use can certainly help to improve the quality of sex shared in a partnership, but its use improves more than sex. Marijuana use in a couple is reported to bring stronger connections and feelings of intimacy.


Smoking helps users let their guard down and be more receptive to their partner’s needs and desires. This emotional openness is due to the THC in marijuana that binds to our cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are located throughout our bodies and help to process things like pain sensation, mood, emotion, and memory. 

Shared interests

Some of the happiest and longest-lasting couples say that the secret to their success is their common interests. According to research, relationships involving ongoing activities show higher levels of attraction and satisfaction. Marijuana use and sharing can become a cherished shared interest within a partnership.

Reduced level of domestic violence

Compared to couples that turn to alcohol as a way to unwind together, studies have shown that couples who smoke together are much less likely to fall into the harmful throws of domestic violence.

Ways to consume weed

There isn’t any one way to use marijuana that is better than another. Every marijuana user has preferences on how they use/consume their weed, although every style of consumption has its benefits and drawbacks. 


Smoking is the oldest and most common way to consume cannabis.


  • Takes effect within 2-10 minutes.
  • Easy to control doses
  • Highs generally last 2 – 3 hours.



  • Heat and smoke destroy some of the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids in the marijuana.


Vaping continues to gain popularity as the most fuss-free way to enjoy marijuana, with many choosing it with the idea that vaping is healthier than smoking.



  • Quick results.
  • Dosage is simple to manage.


  • Vaporizers of excellent quality may be pricey.
  • Poor-quality vaporizers are harmful because of burning metals and plastic.


Edibles have stronger psychotropic effects than one would experience when smoking or vaping. This way of consuming marijuana has been gaining popularity due to the variety and precisely dosed products available in marijuana dispensaries today.



  • Long-time impacts.
  • It can be microdosedmicro-dosed.
  • Versatile



  • It’s simple to consume too much and experience extreme anxiety and panic.
  • Effects often take one to two hours to begin to develop.


Quickly becoming a favorite of those living in areas that have legalized marijuana, tinctures are known for their high quality and purity.



  • Similar to edibles in terms of effect duration (6–8 hours), but much easier to regulate the dose.
  • Great for microdosing 
  • Tend to carry a large variety of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.



  • In addition to synthetic cannabis, poorly prepared tinctures may also include a variety of dangerous compounds and cutting agents.


Marijuana can make sex better when taken in the proper dosages. Many doctors and sexologists today prescribe marijuana to awaken depressed libidos and the quality of love-making shared between a couple. Whether weed will make sex better for you as an individual is hard to say, you will only know once you put it to the test. So call up your favorite sex buddy for a toke and try it for yourself. And if you are searching for someone to share a smoke and have fun with, check out the Smoke and Poke Dating App.

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