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Published Jan. 5, 2022

SmokeAndPoke Blog for People that Love to Smoke before Sex

Smoke and poke is the first dating site for pot smokers. With changes to worldwide marijuana laws, and the general increased use of Cannabis as medicine, many people have found marijuana to be an amazing sexual aid.  Current research supporting marijuana’s postive effects on males’ and females’ sexual habits can be found from prestigious organizations like the National Institiue of Health. With the times changing like they are and with our personal love and support, we decided to make a community for like minded individuals who enjoy kind buds and good times. We have created this blog to be the authority on Marijuana and sexual satisfaction culled from trusted sources. Welcome to the SmokeAndPoke Blog.

SmokeAndPoke Blog for People that Love to Smoke before Sex

In 2020 the UN commission excluded marijuana from the register of the most dangerous drugs. The decision was made on the basis of the recommendations of the World Health Organization. 

Moreover, the health properties of Mary Jane have been scientifically proven. Medical marijuana is used to treat psychological and physiological illnesses, increase appetite, and improve sleep quality. Cannabis also has positive effects on sexual arousal and sex quality. You may find out how weed affects your libido in our insightful blog about weed and sex. You cannot even imagine how many people love to smoke marijuana before sex. If you are one of them, feel free to join our blog. And now, we will tell you why SmokeAndPoke is the best place to find a friend to get high before sex!

Why join SmokeAndPoke

Modern dating sites are mostly focused only on serious relationships or casual encounters. Sometimes you just need someone cool to smoke a joint with. Smoking makes everything better, so find the right person and you could have someone to smoke with and do whatever hobby you are into.  Play your cards right and you will find someone who likes to smoke and have sex as much as you do.  On other dating sites, you have to browse hundreds of profiles to find at least one person who likes to smoke weed before sex. Therefore, we launched SmokeAndPoke to solve this problem and help you meet like-minded people easily and quickly. Our adult dating blog is a mecca for 420 culture followers looking for partners to get high together and have sex. Just consider the benefits you get by joining our community:


  • Large number of like-minded people who are looking for the same thing
  • No condemnation and contempt since all site members smoke weed and have different sexual preferences
  • Warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere
  • Handy mobile app to find friends on the go
  • Insightful sex and marijuana blog to enrich your knowledge
  • Useful features for effective communication and search for friends
  • Many active users online
  • High level of security and anonymity

SmokeAndPoke Sign Up Process

We do not want you to waste time on a long and torturous registration. The whole process of creating an account is simple and straightforward, even for those who have already smoked a joint or two. It will take you only a couple of minutes! Follow these registration steps to make it smooth:

  1. Go to and click “Join Free!”.
  2. Choose your gender.
  3. Select your age and indicate your city.
  4. Enter your email and password.
  5. Activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  6. That’s it, registration is complete. Next, you need to upload at least one photo and write a few words about yourself to complete your profile.


The official SmokeAndPoke website is designed in an uncluttered style. The home page pleases the eye with a lovely color scheme of delicate emerald hue. After logging into your account, you see a simple and intuitive interface with all the functionality you need to find a partner. You can use search filters, select a status, browse suggested users, and see who is in your area. The top bar contains the main categories of the site as well as options for customizing your account. Everything is simple, even for newcomers!

SmokeAndPoke Special Features

We tried hard to make the SmokeAndPoke dating blog as useful as possible. Our main objective is to provide the best features so that members of our community can achieve their dating goals. We analyzed what users need and created the most effective functionality. So SmokeAndPoke features include:


  • Ability to share photos in private messages
  • Private video chat
  • Video streams
  • Safe mode
  • Stealth mode
  • Ability to add users to the list of your friends and favorites
  • Viewing guests
  • Instant notifications about those who just viewed your profile
  • Viewing video and photo galleries of users
  • Match game
  • Advanced search 
  • Ability to send Flirts (Ice Breakers) and Winks

SmokeAndPoke App

We care about all members of our large community, including mobile users. That’s why we created the SmokeAndPoke application, which you may find even more convenient than the desktop version of the site. You can download it in a few steps by clicking on the link. The application is not heavy, it takes only 5.6 MB. Moreover, we regularly update it to improve its usability.

If you do not want to download the app, you can still search for friends for unforgettable smoke and poke adventures using your phone. How? Just open the official website in your preferred browser. The mobile version of our platform is perfectly adapted for all smartphones, regardless of screen size and operating system. We do everything for your convenience!

Final Thoughts

SmokeAndPoke is not just a blog about adult dating and marijuana. You can become part of a large community of people who like to get high before sex. We have told you about all the benefits of SmokeAndPoke so you can make sure that we offer you much more than ordinary dating sites. You will be able to meet not only like-minded people but also true friends, sexual partners, and maybe even the love of a lifetime. Register on our website and plunge into amazing smoke and poke adventures!

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